Welcome to our website from Bob, Diane, Jennine, Jo-Anna, Andrea, and Callie.

(pronounced tee-mark)

In Wales, as in most of the U.K, a name is often used as the address associated with a given location.
Tymarc is the farm where Diane's ancestral family still resides today. Christian Louboutin Outlet We thought it was a great name and brought it "home" to continue a tradition. The Welsh Black cattle were residents in Wales, but here we have developed a herd of Purebred Simmentals.

We are a family run operation which encompasses many interests Christian Louboutin Sale.

Our red factor purebred Simmental herd, custom feeding and bull development for purebred sales keep Bob busy.

Jo-Anna and Jennine have photography and jewelry making, our granddaughters have 4H projects on the go and Diane with Tymarc Art Studio, give everyone enough directions to run.

We are located five miles south and two miles east of Cremona Alberta Christian Louboutin Discount . We were established in 1996 and have enjoyed the Simmental industry very much since then. Our emphasis is on breeding quality, sound animals that will fit into both purebred and commercial herds.

We welcome visitors anytime.Cheap Christian Louboutin Whether it is a stroll through the cows and calves, a peak at the bulls or just a coffee and a visit please feel free to drop in.

Visitors always welcome, calls appreciated. As the saying goes the coffee is always on!


Bob, Diane, Jennine, Jo-Anna,
Andrea, and Callie

Box 44, Cremona
Alberta T0M 0R0
Tel: (403) 637-2274
Email: info@tymarclivestock.com